PayAccept simplified accepting payments

Get started with PayAccept and embrace the future of payments.

PayAccept introduction

Accept credit card

Let your supporters buy new assets the way they want to

Easy wallet creation

Reach the 99% of people without a wallet

Easy payment methods

Pay with an action button, QR and even NFC to convert payments everywhere on your website

Audited & Secured

Offer the strongest evolution of Web3 cybersecurity

Enhanced security

Checkout monitors threats every 10 seconds, providing relentless protection for your Web3 world.

Top-level compliance

On-chain AML analysis, KYC and fraud monitoring help you avoid the costly pitfalls of compliance burdens.

Instant transactions

Though our own blockchain we are offering the highest possible transaction rate, so you ensure a smooth payment.

What's built. What's next.

PayAccept lets you reach the 99% of people—all with a single integration. Get access to advanced payment features like fiat on-ramp, easy wallet creation, multi-chain support, and much more.

Supported use cases

DeFi Tokens

Platform tokens

Business tokens



Built-in features

EVM Multi-Chain Support

Terms of use policies

Email & SMS receipts

Security & Compliance

Audited smart contracts

Bug bounty program

AML/KYC compliance

Conversion optimizations

QR Payments

Buy buttons

Pop-up modal

Checkout Launcher

Branding customization

White labeling

Responsive design

Download here the PayAccept app for iOS and Android

Click below the try-out the PayAccept application. It's available for iOS and Android.

Background of the mobile application

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