Global and worldwide
digital payments

Payments without borders. With our app you can make a payment to everybody in the world without fees and within milliseconds. We take away all borders and besides that all transactions are directly settled. The waiting is over.


Go from cash to Crypto and visa versa

Get secure crypto storage and realtime updates so you supercharge your investments for less. But be aware, your capital is at risks since it’s not regulated.

Your funds are safe

We keep your funds safe

Security by design is a mut at PayAccept and it makes sure that our platform is free of vulnerabilities by continues testing, authentication safeguards (2FA) and development practices to keep in line with the high industry standards.

Also we use the latest, but proven, technologies to ensure a smooth and safe experience while using our applications.


Your business, made simple

Own a business, or work as a freelancer? Let PayAccept for Business take care of payments through easy links or QR code you can send to your customers. No gateways, no contracts, no hassle and instant payment.


Whitelabel wallet?

Always wanted to have your own branded wallet with your company logo and own asset and look-of-feel.

Contact us and get it up and running in no-time.


Your mobile as Payment Terminal

It's like giving a handshake, but now with your mobile phone. Pay your friends instantly, or transform your mobile phone to an own payment terminal, to receive payments wherever you are. Power to the people!


Get cashback and rewards

With our cashback, you earn money when you are doing a transaction. Why to pay a bank for moving your money, let your money work for you!

Coming soon

Exchange your assets

Trade directly from your wallet and exchange your assets fast and secure. No need to use a centralized exchange again.

$PAYT is listed on Uniswap